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VOTE "NO" on Proposition HH

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2023-001 RESOLUTION in Opposition to Statewide Proposal, Prop HH   << click here

On September 15, 2023, the Cimarron Hills Fire Protection District (CHFPD) Board of Directors held a Special Meeting to discuss the implications facing our fire district and all Special Districts across Colorado with upcoming Ballot Proposition HH on the November 7th Election.  The Board of Directors passed CHFPD Resolution 2023-001 “Resolution of the Cimarron Hills Fire Protection District In Opposition to the Statewide Proposal, Proposition HH” and urges voters to vote NO on Proposition HH on November 7th.  Proposition HH is disastrous for local government, shifting local government tax dollars and control to the State of Colorado, under the guidance of the Governor.  HH does not save Coloradans money as it will ultimately reduce or remove your TABOR refund over the next 10-years, giving Billions to the State of Colorado.  The promised backfill in the ballot language will not be seen by any special district in a county with more than 300K residents and where growth in those counties is less than 20%.  El Paso County will not see this backfill.  Keep government LOCAL and vote NO on Proposition HH.

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