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The CHFD Wildland Program was started in March of 2020.  Firefighters receive specialized training/certifications and deploy throughout the State and Nation to assist with wildland fires and natural disasters.  During the 2020 wildland fire season, CHFD firefighters deployed 11 times to fires in Colorado, South Dakota, and California,  On the line battling the two largest fires in Colorado State history, Cameron Peak and East Troublesome, our firefighters came face to face with the fury wildland fire can present.  The work is rigorous but rewarding.  Deployments regularly consist of 16 hour days (day and night), for 14 days or longer.  They traverse rugged terrain, cut down trees, dig fire lines, and provide structure protection in temperatures that vary from above 100 degrees F to below freezing.

2024 Wildland Fire Deployments

Colorado - Boggsville
Texas - 2024 Initial Attack

2023 Wildland Fire Deployments

Colorado - PSICC NF Fire Support 2023
Colorado - Titan Fire 
California - 2023 OSC Preposition
Alaska - 2023 Copper River Preposition
Arizona - 2023 SWCC Support Preposition
Texas - 2023 Initial Attack
Louisiana - Hwy 113
Colorado - O'Brien
Colorado - Saint Charles
Alabama - ALF Support - CY23
Colorado - PSICC NF Fire Support 2023 (deployment #2)

2022 Wildland Fire Deployments

Texas - 2022 Initial Attack (deployment #1)
Colorado - Fort Lyons
Nebraska - Spring 22
New Mexico - Cerra Palado
Colorado - High Park
Texas - 2022 Initial Attack (deployment #2)
Texas - 2022 Initial Attack (deployment #3)
Idaho - Four Corners
Colorado - PSICC NF Fire Support

2021 Wildland Fire Deployments

Arizona - R3 Regional Support
Wyoming - MRF Support
Montana - Alder Creek
Montana - Divide Complex
Montana - American Fork
Minnesota - Greenwood
Wyoming - Sand Creek
South Dakota - High Gear
West Virginia - Monongahela
Marshall Fire

2020 Wildland Fire Deployments

East Canyon
Picture Canyon
Pine Gulch
Cameron Peak (deployment #1)
Cameron Peak (deployment #2)
Gibbons – South Dakota
OSC Staging – California
Creek Fire – California
Cameron Peak (deployment #3)
East Troublesome
Cameron Peak (deployment #4)

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