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Contractor's Checklist and Installation Design 

Construction workers in hard hats and safety vests using tools on a worksite.

Fire Protection Narrative

A fire protection narrative will be required by CHFD Fire Prevention to give an overview of a particular fire system.   The narrative should include an overview of the components and function of life safety systems.  The narrative will be compared to the plans for the life safety system.  Please include all references for the given system.  example: NFPA 13, 72, 96

Code Study Form

A code study form is required by the building department for any change of occupancy or change of building type.  It will be reviewed by CHFD for compliance with the IFC.

A flowchart for the Cimarron Hills Fire Department Plan Review Cycle, outlining various review steps for planning and safety systems.

Pre-Construction Checklist: Fire Safety Plan

A Fire Safety Plan will be onsite and updated during the project

Plan ElementsProject Details
Smoking areas establishedProject address, access point
Cooking/break areasEmergency POC for Project Lead
Temporary Heating policyEmergency POC for Safety Manager
HazMat Plan, location and amountsJurisdiction POCs: Fire Prevention Office, Utility Companies
Evacuation Plan, alerting employeesProject statement, work description
Clear, all weather access: 20' min width, 150' from structureSafety policy statement

Pre-Construction Checklist: Emergency Access

Water supply and access road required before any materials are on site

  • Suitable access road within 150' of the foundation is required
  • Water supply shall be established before any material is on site (500 GPM min)
Construction work with tactile paving being installed and a worker in a trench.

Access Roads

  • Access roads shall be IAW IFC 2015 - where a fire hydrant is located on a fire apparatus access road, the minimum road width shall be 26 feet, exlusive of shoulders.
  • Roads will be all weather surface

Access Roads and Driveways will be built to accomodate our 75' aerial ladder truck

A fire truck under a rainbow.
  • 38' Long and 10' Wide
  • 11'7" High
  • 52,500 GVW
  • Angle of Departure: Less than 10%
  • Angle of Approach: Less than 10%
  • Outside Turning Radius: 50'
  • Undercarriage clearance: 10"

Fire Lanes

  • Fire Lane Curbs will be painted red with white lettering
  • Fire Lane signage will be white, with red lettering and a red border

Front Entrance/Lobby Area

  • Knox Box key box will be mounted next to the main entrance 6-8' high
  • Annunciator Panel and Graphic Map will be located in the main lobby area and be easily accessed by fire personnel

Exits/Pull Stations/Notification

  • Pull Stations will be located 5 feet from every exit and be accessible (NFPA 72)
  • Occupant Notification includes Horn/Strobes and will be synced

Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguishers will be mounted near every exit and at 75' of travel
  • Specialized Fire Extinguishers may be required for storage or kitchens

Sprinkler and Fire Suppression Systems

Sprinkler Systems shall be installed per IFC and NFPA Standards (13)

  • Commerical cooking/frying operations will require a hood/duct suppression system IAW NFPA 96

Fire Department Connections

    Fire department connection, sign, and fire alarm annunciator.
    • Fire Department Connections will be located 100' from a hydrant and be capped with plastic break away caps
    • FDC's will be marked with signage (1" white letters with a red background.)  A strobe device will be located over the FDC for water flow.

    Smoke Detection

    • Smoke detectors shall be located according to NFPA and IFC.  Most facilities that have sleeping arrangements will require them.
    • For buildings with large air-handling systems, NFPA 90 requires full duct detection.  This will be clearly marked and have an indicator/test switch.

    Certificate of Occupancy Requirements

    Temporary Certificate of OccupancyFull Certificate of Occupancy
    Sprinkler System inspected, tested and approved by FireFire Riser Room signage
    Fire Alarm System inspected, tested and approved by FireFDC Signage and Caps
    Commercial Hood system inspected, testedFire Lanes marked and signs up
    Key provided for Knox BoxFull Address posted in front
    Building Address postedOccupant Key in Knox Box
    Fire Extinguishers mounted
     Exit and Emergency Lighting


    A non-accessible pdf version of this information is available upon request


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