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20 - Head letter $90.00
100 sprinkler heads or less, includes 1 wet pipe sprinkler system riser $450.00
101-200 sprinkler heads $670.00
201-300 sprinkler heads $895.00
Each additional 100 sprinkler heads or portion thereof greater than 300 $230.00
Each additional wet pipe sprinkler system riser and/or backflow retrofit $220.00
Each standpipe system riser $220.00
Each dry pipe, pre-action, and/or deluge system valve $220.00
Each fire pump or foam system $480.00
13D system, sprinkler systems in one- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes $385.00
NOTE: Three sprinkler system inspections shall be allowed, per permit, prior to assessing a trip fee for additional inspection.
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