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OP-1 - Amusement buildings / temporary haunted houses $150.00
OP-2 - Carnivals $150.00
OP-2a - Special events and fairs $150.00
Mobile Retail Food Vendors (Trucks & Carts) "Only Required if Cooking" $10.00
OP-19 - Tents or Air supported structures 201-999 sq. ft. $50.00
Tents or Air supported structures 1,000-4,999 sq. ft.$100.00
Tents with heating and/or cooking$150.00
Fireworks Stand - fire safety$100.00
OP-10 - Miscellaneous combustible storage $220.00
OP-11 - Open Burning $150.00
OP-12a - Open Flames and Candles $150.00
OP-12b - Open Flames and Torches$150.00
OP-12c - Prescribed Burning
Type III complexity prescription burn (pile burning, ditches)$370.00
Type II complexity prescription burn (understory burns, special hazards)$445.00
OP-14 - Places of Assembly
Up to and including 300 occupancies $150.00
300 through 1000 occupancy$220.00
HP-3 Battery systems$270.00
HP-4 Compressed gases$270.00
HP-5 Cryogenic Fluids $400.00
HP-9 – Flammable and Combustible liquids (tanks 60 gallons or greater require a plan review) and non-flammable and non-combustible liquids or gases not otherwise classified
                A – Temporary $270.00
                B – Bulk
                        12,001 up to 100,000 gallons $870.00
                        100,001 to one million gallons$1,735.00
                        Greater than one million gallons$2,605.00
                C – Industrial – First Two Tanks $490.00
                         Each additional tank $90.00
                D – Dispense – First Two Tanks $355.00
                         Each additional tank $90.00
                 E – Abandonment / Removal (charge per tank)$380.00
HP-16 - Industrial ovens$155.00
HP-19 - LPG tank, cylinders, or one or more exchange cages with an aggregate capacity greater than 125 gallons$250.00
                 B - LPG Cages (see Operational Permits for ownership transfer fees)$250.00
                 C - Bulk LPG
                        4,000 to and including 100,000 gallons$900.00
                       100,001 to one million gallons$1,800.00
                       Greater than one million gallons$2,500.00
HP-25 Spraying/dipping operations$350.00
HP OTHER - Hazardous Materials Permits$270.00
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