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Fire Supression

Fire, when controlled properly, can be a very useful tool for providing heating, cooking, or other uses. However, when fire gets out of control it becomes extremely dangerous and threatening to society. CHFD responds to a variety of fire related incidents. There are many factors involved with putting out any given fire such as the type of fire, the extent of the fire, and what is actually on fire.

Common types of fires:

  • Structure fire: a fire within any sort of man-made structure or building
  • Wildland fire: a fire in any open field, forest, or combination thereof
  • Dumpster (or trash) fire: a fire within the confines of a receptacle, whose contents are often a wide variety of refuse
  • Kitchen fire: a fire started from cooking efforts that is fueled by the cooking process (such as grease)
  • Bon fire: typically a large pile of combustible products set on fire
  • Pit fire: commonly a small fire set in an outdoor fireplace
  • Flammable liquids fire: a fire that is fueled by substances such as gasoline, etc.
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