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PHOTO of US Flag with yellow line announcing National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

April 14-20, 2024, is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week - a time set aside to recognize the first line of first responders. CHFD extends our appreciation to all telecommunicators/dispatchers throughout the United States.

These professionals work tirelessly answering emergent 9-1-1 and other non-emergent calls, with a continual drive to provide the best possible service on each and every one. But they do more than just answer calls; Our dispatchers provide lifesaving instruction to callers and provide radio communication to fire, medical, and law enforcement personnel. They work in the background conducting research to support agency response and investigation, and to ensure agencies/resources are dispatched appropriately. They work within a variety of informational databases and coordinate support from outside agencies such as utilities, public works, humane society, search & rescue, and Red Cross... the list goes on.

We want to specifically express our sincere gratitude to the call takers and dispatchers at the El Paso County Sheriffs Office. Your efforts are noticed, appreciated, and without a doubt save countless lives. Thank you for your calm during the storm and the amazing work you do!

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