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Pyrotechnic Sales and Stand Permit Information

A fireworks sale stand under a white tent with banners and American flags, set up in a parking lot.

Permit Information

The following permit information serves to obtain information about pyrotechnic materials that are sold within the CHFD and El Paso County, Colorado. The information and following inspection for a permit for sales will be to ensure code compliance in accordance with the International Fire Code and El Paso County.


The Process:

A three-step process diagram for obtaining a special use permit, presenting it with fire safety details, and scheduling a fire inspection.

Documents to Submit to the CHFD:

  1. Special Use Permit from the El Paso County Development Services Office.
  2. Provide a copy of the lease agreement or written permission from the land owner for the use of the land that will be used for selling.
  3. Copy of the Certificate of Flame Resistance, if a tent is being used.
  4. Before the stand is operating, a memo/inspection report will be completed by CHFD after the final fire inspection.

Tent/Stand Information:

  1. Proper number of Fire Extinguishers are in place and they have been inspected in the last year.
  2. 20-foot-wide barricade around the tent/stand to prevent vehicles from parking too close.
  3. A tent is required to have a “Certificate of Flame Resistance”
  4. No Smoking Signs must be posted.
  5. There must be two exits and nothing can be blocking these exits at any time.

Occupant Load/Exits/Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Tent SizeSquare FootageMax Occupant LoadNumber of Required ExitsMinimum Exit Width at Each ExitMinimum Number of Fire Extinguishers
20x2040014236 inches2
20x3060020236 inches3
20x4080027236 inches3
30x3090030236 inches3
30x40120040236 inches4
30x45135045236 inches4
40x40160054236 inches4
30x60180060236 inches4
30x75225075236 inches4
40x60240080236 inches4
36x72259287236 inches4
30x90270090236 inches4
40x803200107236 inches5

➢ Occupant loads are calculated at 1 person per 30 square feet of retail sales

➢ Number of Exits and Exit width are based of the International Fire Code

➢ There shall be a minimum 2 exits that are not blocked by merchandise

➢ Fire Extinguishers will have a current inspection (NFPA 10)

➢ Fire Extinguishers will be placed where they available for employees


Pyrotechnic Stand Checklist/Permit

o  Copy of Special Use Permit from El Paso County

o  Copy of Lease Agreement or written permission from owner for the use of the land

o  Copy of “Certificate of Flame Resistance” o Copy of CHFD Memo for fire inspection

o  Proper Number of Fire Extinguishers o Fire Extinguishers have been inspected/maintained

o  No Smoking Signs posted and visible o 20-foot-wide barrier around the stand

o  At least two exits from the tent that are not blocked


It is the responsibility of the business owner selling pyrotechnic goods to provide for the safety of employees and customers. Cimarron Hills Fire Department will provide the guidance and inspections to ensure code compliance for the permit of the selling and condition of the tent/stand
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