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Recreation Fires and Portable Fire Pits/Places


This page contains the requirements and recommendations of Cimarron Hills Fire Department for use of portable fireplaces and recreation fires at one and two-family dwellings (including townhomes). Other entities (EPA, Homeowner’s Associations, Sheriff Department, etc.) may have additional requirements. The party using recreational fire or portable fire places is responsible for confirmation their activities are not in conflict with any additional requirements and/or restrictions by other entities. 


RECREATIONAL FIRE:  An outdoor fire burning natural materials other than rubbish where the fire is not contained to an incinerator, outdoor fireplace, or BBQ grill. The total fuel area of 3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth, or similar purposes

A fire pit with burning fire, two Adirondack chairs, surrounded by a gravel circle in a grassy yard.
A fire pit with flames, surrounded by bricks, at night.
A cozy campfire surrounded by rocks with wooden chairs nearby, ready for a fireside chat or relaxation.









A portable, outdoor, solid-burning fireplace that may be constructed of steel, concrete, or clay. A portable fireplace may be open in design or equipped with a small hearth opening and a short chimney at the top. Fireplaces that run off propane or gas are acceptable.

Outdoor fire pit with flames, surrounded by chairs on a patio.
A patio with an outdoor fireplace and seating.

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How far away from combustibles does my fire pit need to be?   *combustibles include a house, wooden fence, shed, etc.

  • Portable Fire Pits - 15 feet
  • Permanent Fire Pits - 25 feet
  • Propane (non-portable) - per manufacturers recommendations


  • Call 911 in an emergency.  The Fire Department may order extinguishment at any time a fire presents a nuisance.
  • Only natural vegetative material may be used.  no lumber (construction materials) or rubbish. 
  • NEVER put gasoline on a fire!
  • Any recreational fire must never exceed three (3) feet in diameter by two (2) feet in height
  • A garden hose hooked to a reliable water source or a fire extinguisher with a 4A rating must be immediately accessible.  
  • The fire must be constantly attended
  • Wind must not affect nearby occupied buildings.


Our goal at CHFD is to allow the use of recreational fires and portable outdoor fireplaces while ensuring the safety of our community. For that reason, no recreational fires will be allowed during the following times:

1. When there is a “Red Flag Warning” issued by the National Weather Service:

2. When there is an open burning restriction issued by the County Sheriff:

3. The National Fire Danger Rating System and Daily Weather will determine “Red Flag Warnings” and what level of burning restrictions are issued.

CHFD will conduct a site inspection, free of charge, for any citizen of the district who would like to ensure safety as well as awareness and compliance with all regulations noted. 

CHFD also requires compliance with all regulations as stated for outdoor fireplaces. Clearances listed for outdoor fireplaces are recommended, not required. Outdoor fireplaces may not be used during restrictions listed above.


Before utilizing any recreational fire, please contact our dispatch center at 719-390-5555 and notify them of your plans. This helps avoid false alarms from concerned neighbors who call for reports of flames and smoke.

If the fire extends beyond the area where you intended, call 911 IMMEDIATELY!


Recreational Fires of any kind will be attended by an adult (18 years old) who has access to a telephone and shall be there at all time while fire is burning, until complete extinguishment. Means of extinguishing the fire shall be present at all time and include one of the following:

1. A portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 5lb. capacity rated for Class A.

2. A garden hose with a spray nozzle.

3. A 5-gallon bucket of water or sand with a shovel.


Firewood and other natural vegetation may be burned. Burning household goods or other trash is prohibited. Products specifically manufactured to assist with lighting fires may be used in accordance with the instructions on the packaging, including fire logs and lighter fluid. Use of Gasoline or other flammable liquids in prohibited.


Still have questions?  Contact our admin offices at 719 591-0960 or send us a note through our contact form

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