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Recruitment/Eligibility Requirements

Current Openings are Posted at the bottom of the HOME page.

All candidates are subject to a hiring process which may include, but is not limited to,

  • Tactical assessments with scene size-up, strategy and tactic selection, incident command, and scene safety considerations.
  • Interviews to include value and character exercises and judgment assessments.
  • In-box prioritization assessments to include the prioritization of emergency and non-emergent activities assigned.
  • Role play assessments to include reaction and judgment exercises and community interaction.
  • Written assignments to include community and incident document creation & review.
  • Written examinations
  • Criminal background checks
  • Driving record history
  • Drug testing
  • Physical agility testing

Applications are accepted at the time of opening, so please check back often.

Full-Time, Part-Time Firefighter Requirements

To be eligible for employment, an applicant must have (at minimum):

  • Current valid driver’s license and be able to obtain/maintain a Colorado driver’s license within 30 days of hire
  • Current Colorado EMT-Basic certification or higher
  • Current accredited Fire Fighter I certification or higher
  • Current accredited HazMat Operations certification or higher

Within one year of employment, firefighters must obtain:

  • Current accredited Fire Fighter II certification
  • Current Colorado recognized EMT-B IV certification
  • Current accredited Driver/Operator-Utility certification
  • NWCG approved S130/190 Wildland Fire Fighter with current Red Card-Arduous

Further eligibility requirements are documented in the job description at the time of position opening.

Driver/Engineer, Company Officer & Chief Officers

Eligibility requirements for Driver/Engineer, Company Officer (Lieutenant & Captain) and Chief Officer (Division Chief, Deputy Fire Chief & Fire Chief) positions are posted at the time of position opening. Further information can be obtained at the Cimarron Hills Fire Headquarters facility.


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